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Throughout the long history of SPHINX, members have taken the opportunity to induct various staff, faculty, or other advocates of The Ohio State University into its unique tradition. Each Honorary member is chosen based on their individual credentials and their accordance with the mission and ideals of SPHINX Senior Class Honorary.



Role (at the time of selection, if known)

1919 *William Oxley Thompson President
1908 *J. Lewis Morrill Junior Dean, College of Education
1931 *John W. Wilce, Sr. Director, Student Health Services
1934 *William L. Graves
1936 *Eugene J. Weigel Professor, Music
1937 *Edward S. Drake Director, Ohio Union
1937 *Lynn W. St. John Director, Athletics
1938 *Carl E. Steeb Business Manager & Bursar, Secretary Board of Trustees
1940 *William McPherson Professor, Chemistry
1941 *John B. Fullen Director, OSU Alumni Association
1942 *Howard L. Bevis President
1942 *Thomas E. French Professor, Dept. of Engineering & Drawing
1943 *Paul E. Brown Head Football Coach
1945 *Bland L. Stradley Vice President, Student Affairs
1946 *Michael Peppe Coach, Swimming and Diving
1946 *William H. Siebert Professor Emeritus, History
1948 *Jacob B. Taylor Business Manager
1950 *Wayne V. Harsha Asst. Professor, School of Journalism, Publications Advisor
1950 *Charles F. Kettering Board of Trustees
1950 *Leo L. Rummell Dean, College of Agriculture
1951 *Wendell D. Postle Dean, College of Dentistry
1951 *Donald C. Power Board of Trustees, Chairman
1952 *Hugh E. Nesbitt Board of Trustees, Treasurer
1953 *Ernest R. Godfrey Assistant Football Coach
1953 *Donald J. Kays, Sr. Professor, Animal Science
1953 *Mylin H. Ross Dean of Men
1954 *Paul H. Elleman, Sr. Director of Facilities
1965 *Milton D. McLean Coordinator of Religious Activities
1965 *Floyd S. Stahl Basketball Coach
1956 *Frederic Heimberger Vice President, Academic Affairs
1956 *Jesse Owens Olympic Gold Medalist Alumni
1956 *Harry Phillian Associate Professor, Architecture
1957 *Ned C. Brooks Alumnus, Wash. correspondent, Meet the Press Moderator
1958 *Novice G. Fawcett President
1958 *John K. Pfahl Asst. Professor, Business Organization
1958 *Smith L. Rairdon Trustee
1958 *D. Alexander Severino Assoc. Dean, College of Education: Director, Fine Arts
1959 *W. Arthur Cullman Professor, Marketing
1959 Clarence G. Daugherty
1959 Stuart Summit Law Student
1960 *Gordon B. Carson Vice Pres. & Treasurer Business and Finance
1960 *Glenn H. Goodman Asst Prof, German
1961 *Ernest R. Biggs, Jr. Assoc. Professor, Head Trainer & Custodian of Equip.,
1961 *Charles A. Doan Dean, Medicine; Director, Medical Research
1961 *Allen A. Schmieder
1962 *Dwight DeLong Professor, Zoology & Entomology
1962 *Wayne W. Hayes Football Coach
1962 *Richard A. Popham Assoc. Professor, Botany and Plant Pathology
1963 William J. Tyznik Professor, Animal Sciences
1963 *Alfred J. Wright Professor, Geography
1963 Bruce L. Bennett Professor, Physical Education
1964 *Foster R. Dulles Professor, History
1964 *Albert B. Garrett Vice President, Office of Res
1964 John R. Ketter Program Director, Ohio Union
1964 *Fred R. Taylor Basketball Coach
1965 John T. Bonner, Jr. Vice President, Student Affairs; Professor, Real Estate; Executive Dean of Student Relations
1965 *A. Chester Burns Assistant Dean of Men
1965 Donald E. McGinnis Professor, Music
1966 Wendell W. Ellenwood Director, Ohio Union
1966 *Mars G. Fontana Chairman, Metallurgy & Engineering
1966 Rodney J. Harrison Director, Student Financial Aid
1966 *J. Norman Staiger Professor, Music
1967 George P. Crepeau Professor, Theatre
1967 *Charles R. Gambs, Jr. Director, Campus Safety
1967 W. Thomas Lippincott Professor, Chemistry
1967 Richard A. Weaver Assistant Dean of Men
1968 *John Corbally Vice President & Provost Academic Affairs
1968 Cyrus H. Sedgewick College of Business (faculty)
1969 *Harold A. Bolz Dean, Engineering
1969 *James A. Robinson Director, MershonCenter for Edu. in National Security
1969 *Charles L. Spohn Director, Marching Band; Professor, Music
1970 Kenneth Bader Dean of Students
1970 H. Randolf Bobbitt Professor, Business
1970 *Marion Smith Assistant Dean, Engineering
1970 *Richard Zimmerman Dean, University College
1971 Robert Brodie Asst. Dean of Students
1971 Robert E. Georges Associate Dean, Business
1972 Richard Armitage Vice President, Student Affairs
1972 *Ted R. Robinson Assistant Vice Pres, Student Affairs
1973 *John J. Schmitt History
1973 Alex Thomson Student Affairs
1973 *Charles Williams Student Affairs
1974 *Phillip Jastram Professor, Physics
1974 *James Trainer Manager, Student Programs
1975 *Harold Enarson President
1975 John Sena Professor, English
1976 Edward E. Darrow Assistant Dean, Agriculture
1976 H. Spencer Turner Director, StudentHealth Center
1977 David O. Frantz Professor, English
1977 *Eugene C. Young Director, Ohio Union
1978 *John W. Galbreath Philanthropist
1978 Donald W. Good Professor, English
1978 *Vernon L. Tharp Professor, Veterinary Medicine
1979 C. Grey Austin Associate Professor, English; Director, Honors
1979 Betty Jo Hudson Assistant Dean, University College
1965 *Roy M. Kottman Dean, Agriculture
1965 Barbara J. Tootle Director, Greek Affairs
1981 Paul E. Droste Director, University Bands
1981 *Josephine S. Failer University Friend/Alumni
1982 *Edgar Dale Professor Emeritus, Foundation and Research
1982 Lawrence J. R. Herson Professor, Political Science
1982 Edward H. Jennings President
1982 Terry F. Pettijohn Assistant Professor, Psychology
1983 Herbert B. Asher Associate Professor, Political Science
1983 *Fredric Beekman Director, Recreation & Intramural Sports
1984 *Jean Hansford Campus Planner
1984 James R. Tootle Assistant Dean, Arts and Sciences
1985 *Christine Y. Conaway Dean of Women, Emeritus
1985 *Frank W. Hale, Jr. Vice Provost, Minority Affairs
1986 Francille M. Firebaugh Dean, Human Ecology
1986 Archie M. Griffin Associate Director, Athletics
1987 Roger D. Blackwell Professor, Marketing
1987 Robert S. Dorsey President, OSU Alumni Association
1987 Mabel G. Freeman Assistant Director, University Honors
1987 *Russell J. Spillman Vice President, Student Affairs
1988 Phyllis J. Bailey Associate Director, Athletics
1988 James A. Knight Associate Professor, Agricultural Education
1989 *Lewis Chadwick Professor Emeritus, Horticulture
1989 Mac Stewart Associate Dean, University College
1990 *Richard Jackson Vice President, Business & Administration
1990 Linda Jackson Associate Director, Minority Affairs
1991 Shirley Bowser Member, Board of Trustees
1991 *Al Kuhn Professor, English; Director, Honors
1992 Randy Ayers Basketball Coach
1992 *Ruth Mount Dean of Students
1992 *Tom Burns Professor, Accounting
1992 *Lena Bailey Dean, Human Ecology
1993 E. Gordon Gee President
1993 David Mucci Director, Ohio Union
1993 Carl Zulauf Professor, Agricultural Economics
1994 William Wahl Director, Visitor and Information Center
1994 *Richard Maxwell Assistant Director, Disability Services
1995 Brenda Fields Assistant Director, Ohio Union
1995 Richard Sisson Vice President, Academic Affairs, Provost
1996 Bruce Bursten Professor, Chemistry
1996 Andy Gieger Director, Athletics
1997 *Dave Griner Associate Director, Intramural Sports
1997 David Hothersall Professor, Psychology; Director, Honors
1997 Deb (Nichols) Larsen Associate Professor, Allied Medical Professions
1997 Jim Stevens, Jr. Associate Vice President, Physical Facilities
1998 Mary Daniels Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
1999 Nina Hoppes Assistant Director, University Honors
1999 Eric Nettle Director of Student Programs, Alumni Association
2000 Terry Gustafson Associate Professor, Chemistry
2000 Manuel Tzagournis Vice Pres Emer, Health Services & Dean, Medicine
2001 Laura Lembo Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
2001 Bobby Moser Vice Pres, Agricultural Affairs & Dean, Agriculture
2002 Karen (Kyle) Fisher Director, StudentAdvocacy Center
2002 Jim Gallagher Professor, Music
2002 Jim Mager Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
2002 Dave Stetson Assoc. Prof., Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
2003 Bernie Erven Prof., Agricultural, Environmental, and Devel. Economics
2003 Jim Tressel Head Coach, Football
2004 Deb Ballam Professor, Finance
2004 Eric Busch Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
2005 *Mike Dunn Director, Recreation and Intramural Sports
2005 *Bill Hall Vice President, Student Affairs
2006 *John/*Jeanne McCoy Friends of the University
2006 Tracy Stuck Director, Ohio Union
2007 Robert Duncan Chair, Board of Trustees
2007 Martha Garland Vice Provost, Enrollment Services and Dean of Undergraduate Education, OAA
2007 John/Annie Glenn Namesake of Glenn Institute for Public Service & Public Policy/Adj Faculty, Speech & Hearing Science
2007 Richard Heine Arranger, Marching Band
2007 Karen Holbrook President
2007 Lonnie Thompson & Ellen Mosley-Thompson Professor, Earth Sciences & Professor, Geography
2008 Felix Alonso Associate Director, Multicultural Center
2008 Jackie Royster Executive Dean, Arts and Sciences; Prof. Af-Am and African Studies; Prof, English
2008 David Tomasko Director, Honors Collegium; Prof, Chem and Biomolecular Engineering
2009 William Ackerman Associate Professor, Geography, Lima Campus
2009 Charles Csuri Professor Emeritus, Art
2009 Natala (Tally) Hart Senior Adviser, Economic Access Initiative
2010 David Schuller Vice President, OSU Medical Center, Expansion & Outreach; Professor, Otolaryngology
2010 Leslie Wexner Chair, OSU Board of Trustees; Chairman, President and CEO, Limited Brands
2010 Jon Woods Director, OSU Marching Bands; Professor, Music
2011 Kevin Boyle Professor, History
2011 Yvette McGee Brown Justice, Ohio Supreme Court; Alumna
2011 Bill Mitsch Professor, Environmental and Natural Resources; Director of the OSU Wetlands Research Park
2012 Brenda Brueggemann Professor, English
2012 Rob Livesey Professor, Architecture
2012 Beryl "Bebe" Miller Professor, Dance
2013 Joe Alutto Exec VP/Provost; Professor, Mgt and Human Resources
2013 Nicole Nieto Graduate Associate, Women's Studies/Multicultural Center
2013 Chris Spielman Distinguished Alumnus
2014 Timothy Gerber Professor, Music; Secretary of the Faculty Senate
2014 Rebecca Jackson Associate Dean of Clinical Research, College of Medicine
2014 Donald Stenta Director, Department of Recreational Sports
2015 Urban Meyer Head Coach, Football
2015 Dr. Javaune Adams-Gaston Senior Vice President for Student Life
2015 Clark Kellogg Sports Analyst